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Sentencing Services

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Identifying and classifying records according to a disposal schedule and applying the specified disposal process or action is a specific and detailed process. Sentencing helps you identify how long records should be retained, and ensures the process of disposing of records is completed in an authorised and managed way. At Docstore we have the experience and resources to complete the creation and implementation of disposal schedules and to follow through the process by sentencing your records professionally. Whether it be a large project requiring project management or ongoing sentencing within your organization.

Why should you sentence your records?

The main reason to sentence records is to dispose of them correctly by ensuring the disposal meets government and other compliance regulations. Disposal can mean a number of different actions including;

Destroying records that are no longer needed within Federal and Government Guidelines

Transferring records to offsite storage to an approved provider with destruction dates attached. Efficiencies can be gained to both paper and electronic records. With paper records you can arrange cheaper offsite storage; for electronic records you can organise online, near line or offline storage

Under the Archives Act 1983, Australian Government agencies cannot dispose of records without authorisation from the appropriate authority.

Areas where DOCStore can assist business and Government

When Should you sentence records

Determining the Function/Activity of a Record

How to sentence electronic records

Sentencing on creation

How to sentence records and the steps involved

Disposal of Records through document destruction process include approval from authorities

Managing a sentencing project

Providing in house staff and training for sentencing

Providing facilities for sentencing offsite

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